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Festival State Building Group

Committed to excellence

With a passion for quality, excellence and design since 2001, Festival State Building Group operates with a commitment to excellence, second to none.

An unwavering passion to create great places to live, work and play lies at the core principle that has helped cement its outstanding reputation and award-winning developments.

Boasting strong partnerships with architects, engineers and certified builders, Festival State Building Group ensures that every build is stamped by the best use of land, optimal construction methods and high standard of construction.

Armed with almost two decades of hands on experience and deep market knowledge, the team at Festival State Building Group are invested in the building process from start to finish providing:

• Land selection
• Design & drawings
• Building consent & development
• Approvals
• Complete construction

When Quality is of the essence

Commercial, High Density & Residential

From highly experienced project management and supervision to full concept development and construction, Festival State building group is committed to providing outstanding product quality completed to budget and on time.

Mixed use commercial

lakeside apartment living


suburban luxury

new development

Avanti Adelaide on King William

City living at its best

In the heart of the Adelaide

Celebrating the luxury of true inner city living, the Avanti Adelaide, nestled on the historic and elegant King William Street opens the door to all that the beautiful city of Adelaide has to offer.

Quality living options

Featuring panoramic urban night scape and luscious parklands views, the Avanti Adelaide on King William rooms feature single, double and dual key living options.

Endless opportunities

Designed to showcase elegance, quality and style, the Avanti Adelaide is a multi-functional complex offering both commercial and residential opportunities across 14 levels.

Builders of excellence

Partners for investment growth & success

Festival State Building Group offers the unique capacity to operate as a fully integrated developer and constructor.

For almost two decades, Festival State Building Group has continued to evolve in its development of high quality investment grade commercial and residential properties, focusing on:
• Achieving long term capital growth
• Superior rental income return
• The creation of a portfolio of iconic properties with enduring significance and value.

Providing an all-inclusive building and development partnership for Investors, Festival State Building Group works to a fixed price towards a defined timeline enabling investing partners the experience of a high level of certainty whilst they build to a profitable outcome.

Festival State Building Group

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